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​​​Jim Dillman: 

Jim is with a large Southwest Florida Sheriff's Office and has over 35 years of Law Enforcement experience, and is currently assigned to the Homeland Security Division.

Jim is one of the original members of the FBI  Southwest Florida Violent Crime/ Safe Streets Task Force, where he is currently assigned since it's inception in 2009. The task force focuses primarily on the violent crime threat in the region, using long term investigations such as Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) as well as Title III Electronic Intercepts of major drug trafficking organizations ​​​​involving international gangs as well as home grown hybrid gangs.
​The  investigation of all bank robberies, Hobbs Act violations, and logical fugitive investigations are also part of the everyday operations of the task force.

Jim is past president of the Florida Intelligence Unit (FIU) as well as an adjunct instructor for the SW Florida Institute for public safety, Florida Department of Law Enforcement career development courses such as Organized Crime, Line Supervision​​, Middle Management, Gangs and Security Threat Groups (OMG Section) and Special Tactical Problems, as well as high liability principles of Firearms, Patrol Rifle and Defensive driving. Jim is an NRA Life member, as well as an NRA firearms instructor. Jim is a member of the International Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (IALEFI)

​​Jim is an adjunct instructor for the Institute of Police Technology Management (IPTM) located at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL, and instructs an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigation Course.

​Jim is a United States Army Veteran, where he served as a Military Police Officer in several Areas of Operation around the world.​​

Jim was a cast member on WGN America's Series; Outlaw Country, which premiered February, 2015...​​

 John Pearce:
Sgt. John Pearce’s career spans over 25 years with a large Central Florida Sheriff Office.

​​During this time he has taught at the police academy, been part of his agencies training, and was a part of his agencies FTO training program for many years.

​​For the past 8 years, John has worked in some capacity addressing the gang problems within his county. He has been successful in recruiting sources within several different gangs and used the information to assist other investigative units within his agency.

​​John has supervised a highly aggressive Robbery Unit which utilizes extensive covert and overt surveillance techniques with state of the art electronic surveillance tools, and the deployment of undercover officers to locate and arrest subjects responsible for various types of crimes.

​​At this point in his career, John supervises the Gang Enforcement unit, which is attached to their Intelligence Unit and can share how they are able to achieve results by intelligence gathering, surveillance techniques, UC operations, source recruitment and management.

Adam Dillman:
Adam is a Gang Specialist for a SW Florida Sheriff’s Office, and has been employed for ten years. Adam specializes in street level narcotics enforcement as well as gang identification and documentation. Adam is well versed in running sources as well as recruitment. Adam is a member of Florida Gang Investigators Association.

Robert Olesen:
Agent Robert Olesen has eighteen years of Law Enforcement experience with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office and served five years in the United States Marine Corps, where he was Honorably Discharged as a Corporal.

​​ He has been assigned to the following units while working at the Sheriff’s Office; Patrol, the Community Response Team (CRT), The Street Narcotics and Gang Unit (SNAG) and Training.

​​ For the past ten years, Agent Olesen has been assigned to the Osceola County Investigative Bureau (HIDTA Task Force) addressing Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Organizations. He also serves as a Team Leader on the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team. He has been on the SWAT team for the past fifteen years and prior to being a Team leader and Assistant Team Leader, he served as a Sniper.

​​ He is an instructor for several disciplines to include, but not limited too; firearms (handgun, rifle, sniper rifle and breaching shotgun), force on force, defensive tactics, SWAT operations and undercover operations. In addition, he teaches at the local Police Academy of Osceola County..